Our Philosophy

Yoga is for everyone, community matters and studios should be clean. 

Yoga is FUN.

Yoga is meant to be enjoyed. We'll make sure you're always relaxed, comfortable, and having a good time.


At Tula, community is as important as the yoga itself. We aim to make this a place of connection - mind and body connection, connection to yourself and connection with your neighbors and community. 

New Yogis should always feel welcome.

Too often yoga studios are intimidating to new students. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our studio. Still unsure? Drop in and have a cup of tea with us to get comfortable before you give it a try.

Experienced Yogis are learners as well.

We're all learning new things everyday. We learn from and teach each other.

Yoga should be shared.

Members are encouraged to bring someone for free, and share their membership card with their friends. Class purchases are always transferrable. Spread the yoga!

Yoga studios should be clean.

We are unable to feel at peace in a dirty studio. We keep our space neat, clean, and orderly.

Yoga studios are not gyms.

There are no mirrors, weights, membership contracts or bootcamps here. 

We don't judge.

We welcome anyone that wants to improve their body, mind and spirit through yoga. Big or small, young or wise, boy or girl, straight or gay - everyone is welcome here.

For more information, schedule and upcoming events, visit: http://tulayoga.net