Grip Socks - XS/S

Grip Socks - XS/S (YGSCS-XS/S)

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When exercising perspiration is a good thing, but it can be a pain when your feet are too slippery to hold a triangle pose or you keep sliding down the wall during L pose. Instead of taking it easier, take your Yoga routine to the next level with Natural Fitness Yoga Socks. Made from premium Organic Cotton and featuring ergonomically-placed nonslip traction on the socks� undersides, this special footwear provides extra grip to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your workout. Available in two sizes for a great fit and featuring a five-toe design to allow for a natural range of movement, these socks will make you feel that your intense workout is no sweat. XS/S=womens shoe size:5-8
  • Made from Organic cotton
  • Five-toe
  • Non-slip traction for yoga and Pilates
  • Enhances practice by providing comfort and warmth for all exercise