Professional Resistance Tube - Light - Flame (20 lbs.)

Professional Resistance Tube - Light - Flame (20 lbs.) (FPRTLF)

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Ever try to get a dumbbell in your suitcase? Trust us, even if you can still lift your bag, the overcharge for weight and the hassle at security isn’t worth it. No matter if you are just getting back in shape or a gym rat, you are better off packing Natural Fitness Professional Resistance Tubes. Portable, lightweight, and available in five levels from light to very heavy, these tubes offer unmatched versatility for beginners and experienced exercisers alike. That means you can use them at the gym, at home, or on the road, and for a limitless variety of core, upper, and lower body resistance exercises. Engineered using dipped natural latex tubes and featuring shock cord technology to lessen the possibility of tube snap back, Professional Resistance Tube are the easy way to give your workout routine a lift.

  • 5 Ft. Resistance Tube with Shock Cord Technology
  • Approximate Pull Resistance 5-10lbs
  • Professional Comfort Handles
  • Builds Muscle and Endurance
  • Includes: Door Attachment and Exercise Instruction Chart