Professional Ankle Cuff- Lighter-Violet

Professional Ankle Cuff- Lighter-Violet (FPACLV)


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Recliners are great, but not when you are working out. So forget those seated leg contraptions at the gym and target your lower body the natural way with our Pro Ankle Cuff. A simple yet effective form of resistance training, this adjustable and comfortable cuff allows you to strengthen your lower body through static exercises like kickbacks and extensions. By allowing you to perform dynamic exercises while standing, moving, or supporting your body weight, this adjustable piece of equipment also allows you to increase your muscle endurance while simultaneously improving agility and balance. As a portable, lightweight alternative to bulky weights, our Pro Ankle Cuff is certain to give you a leg up on your old lower body exercises.

  • Approximate Pull Resistance 5-10lbs
  • Professional Comfort Padded Cuffs
  • Builds Muscle and Endurance for your Lower Body