Soft Weighted Ball 4 lb Red Rock

Soft Weighted Ball 4 lb Red Rock (FSWBHRR4)


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Remember how fun it was when ballgames were your primary form of exercise? Bring some of that enjoyment to your fitness routine with the Natural Fitness Soft Weighted Ball. Replacing awkward dumbbells and other hand weights with a soft, cushioned ball allows you to bring a versatility to your workout that will help keep you inspired and enthusiastic. Whether you are doing handheld activities like figure eights, rotational moves such as Russian twists, or functional resistance exercises like the squat-press-throw, building strength and stability with the Soft Weighted Ball is—you guessed it—a ball.
  • Natural Fitness Soft Weighted Ball is designed to build lean muscle and keep fit
  • Choice of 2-, 4-, and 6-pound fitness ball with secure-grip handle
  • Ergonomically designed to be less impactful on the joints
  • Ball is filled with natural sand and iron